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Daily Maintenance for water cooled router spindle

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In terms of daily maintenance, there is the only thing, that is to get the water changed regularly to keep the water cooled router spindle temperature is in a proper range that is less than 50 degrees centigrade. Usually, the spindle will not exceed 45 degrees if the water is changed regularly.

water cooled router spindle

How can we avoid the problem of spindle water jacket clogging? If blocked, what is the solution for it?

• As long as we regularly replace the water with the fresh one on time to ensure the cleanliness of the circulatory system, such problems can be avoided.

• If there is a blockage, what we can do is to run descaling with derusting agents through it to clear the obstruction. The solution works well if the obstacle is not too much. If not, you'll have to get a replacement for your spindle.

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