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How to choose engraving spindle motor

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When it comes to choose engraving spindle motor, somebody may think the greater the power of the electric spindle of the engraving machine, the better?

of course not. The spindle motor power of the engraving machine must be selected according to the material of the material being engraved.

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1. The spindle selection of the advertising CNC engraving machine:

The materials it engraves are relatively soft. Therefore, the spindle power can be selected from 1.5kw to 3.0kw. It also saves costs when it meets the requirements of engraving.

2. The spindle selection of woodworking engraving machine:

In general, the spindle power of woodworking engraving machine is reasonable from 2.2kw to 7kw. The specific needs need to be selected according to the hardness of the wood to be processed. – In addition, many CNC machining centers also choose the 9kw ATC spindle.

3. The main shaft selection of stone engraving machine:

Stones are usually relatively hard, and the spindle power required to meet the needs of the engraving machine is usually higher: between 4.5kw and 7.5kw.

4. The main spindle of the tombstone engraving machine:

Similarly, according to the hardness of the carved tombstone stone, the spindle power is generally around 3.0kw-6kw.

5. The spindle selection of the jade carving machine:

The jade carving machine is relatively small, so the spindle motor power is generally 2.2kw-3.0kw.

6. Main shaft selection of metal engraving machine:

It is not only necessary to select the spindle motor power according to the material of the engraving material, but also to select a constant power spindle.

3kw water cooled spindle.jpg

It is well known that the higher the power, the higher the cost of the spindle. When you choose a spindle with too much power, it will cause waste. When you choose a small spindle with small power, you can’t meet the requirements of engraving. So the right one is the most important.

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