The structure introduction of air cooled CNC spindle
 Mar 09, 2022|View:470

Air cooled CNC spindleis in recent years in the field of CNC machining machine tool spindle and spindle motor integration of new technology, it and linear motor technology, high-speed tool technology, will push high-speed processing to a new era. CNC machining spindle is a set of components, which includes the spindle itself and its accessories: spindle, high-frequency frequency conversion device, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, built-in encoder, tool changing device.

Air cooled CNC spindle

High-speed air cooled CNC spindle is the most important key technology of high-speed cutting technology, and also the most important part of high-speed cutting machine tool. High dynamic balance, good rigidity, high rotary accuracy, good thermal stability, can transfer enough torque and power, can withstand high centrifugal force, with accurate temperature measuring device and efficient cooling device. High speed cutting generally requires spindle speed capacity is not less than 40,000 r/min, spindle power is greater than 15kW.

Motorized spindle is usually integrated with spindle motor to achieve direct transmission without intermediate links. Induction integrated spindle motor is used for most motors. At present, hot pressed silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic bearings and hydrostatic and hydrostatic bearings and air bearings are commonly used. Oil - gas lubrication, jet lubrication and other technologies are used for lubrication. Spindle cooling generally adopts water cooling or air cooling in the spindle.

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