How to fix noise on the air cooled cnc spindle
 Sep 29, 2021|View:45

As the core component of the air cooled cnc spindle, the bearing is widely used today for automatic tool change spindles.

The bearings tend to generate some noise when they are running. For these noises, many operators ask some questions: What is the cause of bearing noise? Do they need to be replaced with new ones?

Most of the time, due to some problems with the bearings, many people will choose to replace the new bearings directly. This is definitely a solution, but sometimes there is sometimes no need to replace them. Because in addition to determining the noise, it is also necessary to determine the service life and wear of the bearing. Instead of replacing the bearings because of noise.

air cooled cnc spindle

Under normal conditions, bearing noise is a bad cause. The role of the bearing is critical when using an automatic tool change spindle for high-speed rotation. If an abnormal sound occurs, it is possible that the bearing raceway is short of oil. If there is only a slight sound and there are no other anomalies, then there is no need to replace the bearings at this time. Of course, pay attention to improve the cooling effect, try not to run too long.

However, if the air cooled cnc spindle vibrates violently during operation, the spindle is seriously damaged and needs to be replaced.

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