How to disassemble engraving spindle motor?
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Engraving spindle motor disassembly:

1. Remove the front and rear end covers and nuts from the engraving machine

2. From the front end of the shaft back to push out the spindle and the rear bearing seat, linear bearings and other accessories

3. Design front and rear bearing gaskets, and the front and rear bearings of the spindle are DT paired in series

4. Clean the bearing, the outer slope down (or the inner slope up) rotating cleaning (in clean gasoline), the bearing should be cleaned more than twice, pay attention to the cleaning of the bearing, the upper and lower position of the bearing can not be put wrong

 installing the engraving spindle

5. Before installing the engraving spindle, the bearing and the inner hole of the shaft shell and the spindle are lubricated with oil (special lubricating oil for the motorized spindle). First, it is convenient to install and second, it is to ensure the lubrication of the bearing at the beginning of the motorized spindle

6. Clean other parts on the shaft. After cleaning, the bearing should be dried naturally, and high pressure air drying is strictly prohibited

7. Install the rear bearing first, tighten the nut, and fix the spring on the bearing seat with butter. The spring gland can not be put in the wrong position

8. Assemble the front end bearing, fix the front end cover and preload the bearing jacket (special sleeve shall be used for assembling the bearing, and the sleeve shall be processed with nylon rod car. The shape of the sleeve is as follows: D is smaller than the bearing outer diameter, D is larger than the bearing inner diameter)

9. Tighten the front nut and install the front and back end covers. When installing the back end covers, pay attention to the position of air inlet holes, water inlet holes and water outlet holes

10. After the front and rear bearings are installed, push the engraving spindle forward from the rear end of the motorized spindle into place, and push the linear bearing into place at the same time

11. After the engraving spindle motor is installed, check whether the spindle is installed in place (push the spindle forward with a wrench, the spindle will move forward, release it will immediately spring back.

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