How to judge the quality of engraving spindle?
 Oct 21, 2021|View:35

Woodworking engraving machine is a very important application of engraving spindle, engraving spindle plays a huge role in woodworking engraving machine, it can be said that the quality of engraving spindle can directly affect woodworking engraving machine, today Cassidy to share how to judge the quality of woodworking engraving machine engraving spindle.

engraving spindle motor precision

1, engraving spindle motorprecision. Regardless of engraving and cutting to achieve long time work is not so smooth, and smooth level off, this is the most basic requirements for carving spindle, the user can also use the hand of a spindle collet, see if there is a loose, then try to start carving spindle, to see if the motor rotating smoothly and tool for swing and vibration phenomenon, if any, that does not meet installation precision.

2, carving the strength of the spindle. The main factor affecting the strength is the motor power, only large power to ensure that the strength can meet the requirements of processing wood products.3, engraving spindle motor speed. That is to pay attention to processing efficiency. In the strength can achieve the premise of how fast as fast as possible, but to take into account the service life of the machine as far as possible not full load, engraving spindle speed is generally between turns per minute, the faster the cutting capacity is better.

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