How to choose milling spindle motor?
 Oct 28, 2021|View:32

Milling spindle motorselection: motor adopts no shell structure, stator silicon steel sheet adopts air direct cooling, in the case of dust and cutting fluid splashing, can work safely and reliably. In contrast to dc motors, spindle motors usually do not require maintenance because ac spindle motors have no commutator in structure.

The addition of spindle subsets is not restricted by commutators, and the maximum speed is usually higher than that of dc spindle subsets. The air cooled spindle motor flows backwards from the front end, which can effectively reduce the influence of motor heating on machine accuracy.

ac air cooled spindle motor

In the cooling system, in order to reduce the volume and improve efficiency, the spindle motor adopts a special enterprise heat pipe cooling system, which can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the rotor to the outside. In magnetic circuit design, in order to minimize motor heating, the spindle motor stator uses a unique additional magnetic pole, to reduce loss, improve efficiency.

Through the above two spindle drive system comparison, ac air cooled spindle motor in the working environment, cooling system and speed range are better than dc spindle drive system, so according to the advantages in these aspects of the design of the spindle drive system using AC spindle drive system.

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