How to use and maintain the life of water cooled spindle motor?
 Nov 11, 2021|View:34

Engraving spindle is a very important part of engraving machine, mainly divided into two kinds: water-cooled spindle and air-cooled spindle. Before introducing the maintenance of water-cooled spindle engraving machine, briefly introduce its working principle. Water cooling is to use water circulation to cool the heat generated after high-speed rotation of the spindle.

Therefore, the water is always circulating, so we must ensure that the water quality is clean, so as not to block the water pipe of water cooled spindle motor the engraving machine. In addition, you can also put a filter on the water outlet of the pump. And usually processing should pay attention to the temperature of the spindle, the temperature is high to check whether the water flow of the pipe is normal. Care should be taken not to allow debris from the process to enter the circulating water. No matter what kind of models need reasonable maintenance.

water pipe of water cooled spindle motor

When the 3kw water cooled spindle is replaced with a knife, there are water stains and rust in the nut, and the water leakage is slowly becoming larger, so will the water cooled spindle leak affect the use of it? Actually, water cooled spindle motor cooling is mainly taken away through water cycle of the main shaft of the heat generated by the work time, generally after cold water into the main shaft, on the other side, there are sealed, and the coil is separated, leakage mainly because of the spindle bottom, inside the motor shell gap caused by the increasing, generally does not affect the use.

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