What aspects should be considered when choosing engraving spindle motor?
 Nov 18, 2021|View:29

Engraving spindle motor is an indispensable modern processing equipment of an important tool, its role is to connect the motor and production parts to play a driving effect, in can be said to be very critical. A good spindle will make the equipment more powerful, so what should be considered when choosing the spindle? Let the following small make up to give you an introduction.

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Choose the right spindle first of all to consider the use of the spindle, the requirements of the use of the spindle under different occasions are not the same. Common spindles are grinding spindle, air cooling spindle, turning spindle, belt drive spindle and so on, different spindles are suitable for different occasions, at the beginning of the choice this is the need to consider. Grinding with spindle are normally need to use design of the structure of the horizontal torque, is the state of high speed and power increases its value in the spindle speed under present a linear increasing trend, turning and milling spindle of a class is generally at a specific speed within the period of constant power speed regulation, this point and grinding spindle is very different.

Visible in different occasions, or according to different conditions of the spindle selection. We should pay attention to do a good job of understanding the knowledge of various types of spindle, in order to more convenient to choose the appropriate spindle parts.

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