How to maintain engraving spindle correctly?
 Dec 09, 2021|View:33

There are a lot of mechanical equipment above there is an accessory that is the engraving spindle, it plays a larger role, the spindle after a long time will affect its service life, in order to prolong its service life, we need to maintain the spindle, so how to maintain is better? Now let's understand how to correctly maintain the spindle.

The operator should use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the waste debris on the rotor end of the spindle and the motor wiring terminal after work every day, in order to prevent waste debris from accumulating on the rotor end and wiring terminal, so as to avoid waste debris into the bearing and accelerate the wear of the spindle; We also want to avoid waste debris into the terminal, causing the motor short circuit burn. When replacing the tool on the spindle, the operator should screw off the clamping head of the pressure cap, and the spindle can not use the method of directly inserting the tool to change the tool. The operator should make it a habit to clean the clamp and pressure cap after unloading the knife.

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Every boot after the operator should check the water cooled router spindle to work state, to check the water pump is working correctly, to check whether the cooling water by scale, microbial contamination, check line status is normal, to ensure the normal circulation cooling water, not in the water cooled lathe spindle without cooling water through the open spindle. Only under the premise of normal cooling can the spindle be in good working condition. If the water pipe has a dead bend resulting in poor water flow or dirt blocking the pipeline, it will cause the spindle can not work normally, and will affect the processing effect.

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