What are the preparations before starting the air cooled cnc spindle?
 Dec 16, 2021|View:41

Air cooled CNC spindle is now a mechanical and electrical integration device which is widely used in mechanical equipment. It plays a very key role in driving the mechanical transmission part operation. Now the mechanical processing equipment for motorized spindle requirements are generally good and high, so now the motorized spindle manufacturers on the market have begun to enter the fierce quality competition.

(1) Before opening the air-cooled CNC spindle, it is necessary to confirm whether its cooling water system is opened. If its cooling water system is not opened, it is also necessary to ensure that it is opened and control the water temperature within the range of 35 degrees Celsius, but it is not too low, and it can not use tap water by itself. The flow of cooling water needs to be controlled at 3-6L/min.

air cooled cnc spindle

(2) The power supply voltage of the air cooling spindle is also an important check. The power supply voltage and frequency of the motorized spindle should match with the rated value, and the error is not large. Generally speaking, the voltage and frequency correspondence of the motorized spindle is associated with the motorized spindle model number. Therefore, when we observe it, we can determine it according to the law.

(3)Generally speaking, the new motorized spindle needs to go through a period of trial operation, and the trial operation time is controlled between 0.52 hours. During the trial run of the motorized spindle, we can evaluate its basic operating status to confirm whether there is a problem. If there is a problem with the motorized spindle, we also need to contact the manufacturer to solve it in time.

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