Milling spindle motor for lubricating oil performance requirements
 Jan 13, 2022|View:432

Under the modern industrial production environment, each mechanical equipment is in a state of high-speed operation. High-load equipment operation is bound to cause serious wear and tear to its internal components. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve this situation. In addition to optimizing the structural components of the milling spindle motor, we can also reduce wear by adding additional milling spindle motor lubricants. However, lubricating oil is not optional and added, in the performance of milling spindle motor lubricating oil, need to meet the following requirements.

milling spindle motor

1, good lubrication performance, can ensure the lubrication effect for a long time. After the addition of a period of time to ensure that will not throw oil, emulsification and dry, can ensure the working state for a long time.

2, good adaptability, no volatilization at high temperature, no solidification at low temperature, can use a variety of industrial production environment.

3, good oxidation resistance, long-term use of the case, whether in color, appearance or ph, nature can not have too much change, can not have large-scale oxidation phenomenon.

4, good fluidity, add lubricating oil, can be evenly distributed in each position of the milling spindle motor, play a good lubrication effect on each component.

5, need to have good anti-rust performance, in order to ensure the lubrication of the milling spindle motor parts, protect the metal part is not corroded.

6, need to have the appropriate viscosity, can play some shock, buffer, reduce noise effect.

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