Main factors affecting the running precision of milling spindle motor
 Jan 20, 2022|View:236

In industrial production processing equipment, the use of milling spindle motoris very common and important, because now the mechanical equipment is equipped with a motor, motor to power control instructions to mechanical parts, you need a middle transmission device, this device is what we want to say this milling spindle motor. But in the process of use, part of the milling spindle motor operation accuracy will also appear to have a decline in the phenomenon, what is the main reason for this phenomenon? Let's discuss this problem together.

(1) the spindle error: engraving spindle motor accuracy requirement is high, the focus of material for the milling spindle motor control is to be very accurate, when the roundness error and alignment error accumulation to a certain extent, the milling spindle motor axis can deflect, so the milling spindle motor running accuracy is difficult to guarantee.

use of milling spindle motor

(2) bearing error: the milling spindle motor itself contains many bearing parts, and the connection between it and the motor and other mechanical parts is also completed by many bearing parts. If there is a roundness error in the sliding inner hole or rolling raceway of the bearing, it will lead to the normal operation of the milling spindle motor.

(3) the stiffness changes and the thermal deformation: when the milling spindle motor running after a long time, the milling spindle motor itself material stiffness change, stiffness, lead to material, the phenomenon of the wear and tear will make the milling quality and dimension precision of the spindle motor appear error, and then affect the milling spindle motor running accuracy.

These situations are in fact in the engraving spindle operation process is very likely to appear, we should try to choose those quality product brand when buying, in the process of using the machine to pay attention to the state of operation, in accordance with the rules of use.

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