Engraving spindle maintenance matters
 Feb 10, 2022|View:254

In machine tool equipment engraving spindle role is very big, and it is also one of the key parts, the stand or fall of engraving spindle will affect the quality of the machine tool equipment so the correct use of engraving spindle and correct maintenance engraving spindle is very important, these are good to use more guarantee machine equipment condition. I believe that you should be very interested in the maintenance of the engraving spindle. Let's learn about it.

Dust can not be brought into the gap of the engraving spindle, if there is dust, it will damage the engraving spindle. When cleaning the area around the engraving spindle, although the engraving spindle is stopped, the machine should be energized, and the engraving spindle bearing should be guaranteed to be in the state of air curtain protection. engraving spindle in the use of the process, pay attention to the cutting liquid should be hit on the cutting tool, do not hit the shaft end of the engraving spindle. A cutter mounted to the main shaft of an engraver.

gap of the engraving spindle

The handle part needs to be cleaned regularly with a clean soft cloth to avoid dust into the conical hole of the engraving spindle. Even when the machine tool is not in use, a handle should be kept on the engraving spindle to protect the conical hole of the engraving spindle. At the beginning of the work must be made at low speed, it is better to preheat the main shaft of the engraving machine. There is no handle inserted into the taper hole. engraving spindle is prohibited to operate. In order to maintain the high precision of engraving spindle for a long time and obtain better processing results, engraving spindle high-speed operation, can only use accurate dynamic balance standard tool.

The biggest impact on the engraving spindle is the dust problem. If there is dust, it will damage the engraving spindle, so we should pay attention to this problem in the use and cleaning process. Started carving machine spindle there may be some not convenient in use, it doesn't matter, can slowly to adjust, carving machine spindle type is more, different types of engraving spindle applications on different machine tool equipment, if because of engraving spindle failure to be replaced, must want to choose the right model to be used.

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