Precautions for using engraving spindle
 May 18, 2022|View:179

Science and technology development speed is very fast, demand from all walks of life more and more, in the machinery industry for spare parts requirement is more, different mechanical equipment adopts different accessories, there are some mechanical equipment engraving spindle, the above will have access to engraving spindle performance is better, and the efficiency is high, and more simple to operate, However, there are a lot of points to pay attention to in the process of use. Now we want to tell you is the use of engraving machine spindle precautions.


In the process of use, it should be noted that the engraving spindle motor adopts the frequency converter as the driving power supply. The parameters of the spindle are different, and the requirements of the frequency converter are different. Select the frequency converter to match the parameters of the engraving machine spindle, in which the rated current of the frequency converter is at least 1.3 times of the engraving machine spindle, and it is better to be more than 1.5 times. After daily use, the engraving machine spindle needs to be lubricated and maintained. There are three lubrication methods commonly used by the engraving machine spindle: grease, oil mist and oil and gas. Oil lubrication is simple in structure, easy to use, green environmental protection: oil mist lubrication can adapt to a higher speed, is also widely used, but it has a positive impact on the environment: oil and gas lubrication effect is better, can adapt to a higher speed, no pollution to the environment, but the price of oil and gas lubrication device is higher. The oil used for oil mist and oil and gas lubrication is generally no. 32 turbine oil.

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